A Quantum Case for God

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Quantum physics says that God can exist! With quantum science explained in simple English, here is the unequivocal connections between science and God people have been wanting for hundreds of years. Whether atheist, agnostic, or believer in God, be prepared to be awestruck by how science supports the possibility that God exists. 

The advanced branch of science known as quantum physics is responsible for computers, cell phones, satellites, microwave ovens, MRI technology, in fact every modern convenience, and yet most people know nothing about this field of science. But it also comes with amazing characteristics that both explain and support a creator God as written in the Bible.

If you thought you’ve heard every angle on proving God’s existence, you will find yourself dumbfounded on this new information. Every major quantum and string theory phenomena described in this book aligns with a God concept and helps to bring in-depth answers to some of the toughest questions asked by the most ardent atheists and inquisitive agnostics.  

This book is also for the least and most passionate of believers in God. If God created the universe then God also created all the laws of physics, the rules by which the universe abides. This book is for those who love science and see God all around. It is for those who think logically and want some of their longing questions addressed: How can there be a Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago and yet God created the universe only 6-10,000 years ago? How can God know my every thought and of all 7 billion people at every second? How can God know everything that has and will happen and yet be surprised of someone’s decision? and more. 

A Quantum Case for God introduces the God Model, an interpretation of how the universe works and challenges this model against all the current leading scientific models. The God Model is by far the most comprehensive model in the challenge. Read this book and see first hand how the universe works at the sub-atomic level and how God is serious business within the laws of physics.    

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